Oceana’s new study reveals misrepresentation in shrimp across the US and proposes full chain traceability as the solution. The report states, “Instituting full-chain traceability and better consumer information will benefit all stakeholders in the supply chain from fishermen and seafood businesses to consumers. Traceability is an important tool to ensure that the seafood sold in the U.S. is safe, legally caught and honestly labeled, while providing consumers with the information they need to make fully informed, responsible seafood choices.”

Traceability in Action: A Case Study   
The report also highlights a campaign that Trace Register participated in with The Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission. The report states, “In the fall of 2013, restaurants in Mississippi participated in a campaign featuring traceable shrimp called ‘Every Shrimp has a Tale.’ Diners scanned QR codes with smartphones to access a map that traced their shrimp’s journey from Gulf waters to their dinner plate…Not only does traceability support the local economy, but it also provides consumers with transparency and a unique connection with their seafood. This further reinforces the fact that some shrimp fishermen are missing out on a premium that could be available with better labeling and traceability.”

We commend the participating fishermen, processors, retailers and restaurateurs while knowing there is more work to be done.

You can read Oceana’s report here