Traceability tells each product’s story.

Think of your product’s story like a book. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end. And the steps your product takes through the supply chain are like chapters.

Because the seafood supply chain is chaotic and complex, a product’s story may start years before it lands on a retailer’s shelf or a customer’s plate. And when there are multiple transformative steps to track, one product can circle the world before arriving at its final destination.

Like any story, there are good characters and bad ones. With TR5 seafood traceability, you can recognize your good partners and quickly identify and remove the others.

But it’s complex. You struggle because manually processing massive amounts of paper is impossible.

If you don’t, you risk failed audits, penalties, fines, and slowed imports that increase costs and can cause brand damage and legal claims. It can add up to lost customers, consumers, and sales.

TR5 provides the solution for these problems.

Providing interoperability and integration with unprecedented capabilities to visualize your data, TR5 has the agility to address today’s and tomorrow’s critical challenges.

Three essential components in TR5 ensure you tell the complete story: Link. Analyze. Act.

Powered by Continuous Monitoring Continuous Analysis (CMCA), here’s how we do it:

Link. Analyze. Act.