Leader of Global Full-Chain Traceability Builds New Platform with Unprecedented Capabilities for Interoperability and Collaboration 

Seattle, Wash. – February 13, 2020 – Trace Register (TR), the global leader in full-chain seafood traceability, announces the launch of TR5 for processors. TR5 is an open platform built on GS1 and Global Dialogue for Seafood Traceability (GDST) standards. It enables subscribers to achieve full-chain traceability (FCT). It provides capabilities to receive data from any GDST compliant traceability system and send fully linked FCT data to anyone.

FCT is possible due to this interoperability. It enables seafood supply chains to collaborate, add business value, improves sustainability and social responsibility, and restores the consumer’s trust in seafood. 

“While the seafood industry faces many challenges, there is also a bold new world of emerging technologies. When companies fully embrace these new technologies, they will see immense benefits,” said Phil Werdal, CEO and Founder, Trace Register. “Our goal is to partner with seafood companies and help them achieve their potential.”

The advances of the new TR5 platform are significant. It works with existing and new technologies that can be used by every member of the seafood supply chain. The TR5 platform has been designed to utilize five key technologies: GS1 and GDST Data Standards to enable interoperability; critical tracking events (CTEs) to organize key data elements (KDEs),  linked data for sharing data in new ways, blockchain to ensure data is not altered as it moves between trading partners, and continuous monitoring continuous auditing (CMCA) to verify data validity and completeness.  

Together, these key parts enable companies to eliminate the redundant work of reformatting data, reduce by ninety-five percent the volume of data that needs to be processed, and use automation to monitor and verify supply chain data in near-real-time. 

The TR5 platform provides the following capabilities:


  • More easily integrate with ERP and other traceability systems

Efficiency and Productivity

  • Send far more information with far less data entry

Future Opportunities

  • Internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and GS1 Digital Link enabling direct consumer interaction 

Subsequent releases of TR5 will include versions for importers and retailers and are planned for later in 2020.

“Trace Register’s goal is to help seafood businesses leverage these new innovations to transform their approach and experience unprecedented success,” said Werdal.


Trace Register will be conducting a series of FCT webinars on February 20 and February 27.

About Trace Register

Trace Register is the proven full-chain traceability leader in the global seafood industry. Our tailored solutions help every member of the supply chain, from a single producer to an enterprise-level producer. They enable users to provide the complete product story while keeping proprietary and designated information confidential. Members of the supply chain, including fishers, farmers, processors, importers, and retailers can ensure products meet their requirements while achieving higher margins and more satisfied customers. Founded in 2005, Trace Register serves clients in more than 50 countries. Visit www.traceregister.com to learn more.

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