TR5: Document Management

Do you have a mountain of paper documents on your desk and more in your filing cabinets? With TR5, you can link these papers to locations and events so your trading partners can verify where the seafood is from and confirm what it is on a lot-by-lot basis.

There are two types of documents in TR5: Location Certificates and Event Attachments.

Location Certificates

These are certifications issued by third parties. They seldom change and are applied to every lot of seafood produced or handled by that location.

TR5 Location Certificate Features:

  • Once you link a certificate to a location, it is available to supply chain partners every time that location is referenced. It provides the key data elements to a supply chain and the necessary validating documentation required by many auditing entities.
  • CMCA creates alerts if a required certificate is missing.
  • CMCA also creates alerts for certificates due to expire in the next 30 days.



  • BAP Farm/Hatchery/Feed Mill Certificate
  • (Government Issued) Farm Permit
  • ASC CoC Certification

Fishing Vessel

  • Fishing Permit
  • MSC CoC Certification
  • Transshipment Authorization


  • BAP Processor Certificate
  • MSC CoC Certification
  • Processor Certificate (i.e., FDA/USDA or any other government permitting necessary

Event Attachments

These link to specific events, products, and lots. Attachments usually change each time that event occurs.

TR5 Event Attachment Features:

  • Attachments are linked to events and available to supply chain partners when that event is referenced.
  • CMCA provides alerts if a required attachment is missing.
  • This crucial feature provides the digital documents to verify information and claims made on/for locations, products, and events throughout the supply chain.


Fishing Event

  • Fishing Record
  • NOAA 370
  • Raw Material BOL

Offload Event

  • Vessel Harvest Manifest
  • Offload Report
  • Catch Certificate

Farm Event

  • Feed Report
  • Harvest Record
  • NOAA 370

Processing Event

  • Raw Material Receiving Log
  • NOAA 370
  • Processing Records

Receive Event

  • Raw Material Transport Log
  • Raw Material Received Log
  • Transport Waybill

Transaction Event

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Health Certification
  • Master BOL
  • Packing List