Smart traceability. Seafood supply chains transformed.

TR5 In Action

Lummi Island Wild is synonymous with the best and freshest seafood. With TR5 they can document and prove every step in the supply chain process to ensure they maintain the highest product quality throughout the process.
TR5 achieves seafood full-chain traceability by
combining the latest technologies with industry expertise.

Learn how we help our customers achieve success.

"TR5 is the only solution I know of that can take care of our tuna requirements. There are so many regulations involved, and consumer needs continue to rush towards traceability. Trace Register has been around a long time and has a deep understanding of the seafood industry. We can depend on them to help as the team knows supply chains and can provide the know-how we need."
Ben Carvalho,
Logistics Manager, Wild Planet
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“It is very challenging for a processor using manual methods to provide the proof needed to build trust with their customers and ultimately the consumer. TR5 enables this process and makes it simpler and more trustworthy. Once the data is available, the capabilities of what you can do with it become endless.”
Peter Larkins,
Vice President of Customer Service, Trace Register
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"The CTE template is fabulous and makes it very easy to use TR5."
Michelle Wood,
Logistics Coordinator, RedFishCo, Inc.
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"We pay attention to every detail of our sustainably-raised salmon. Being able to communicate this to our customers easily and quickly was made possible by using TR5 and working with Trace Register."
Sridhar Jaganathan,
Quality Assurance & Compliance Manager, Mt Cook Alpine Salmon
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Learn more about Wild Planet’s success in this Forbes article: “…Through its partnership with Trace Register, the company can track each boatload of fish from the moment they reach the dock until it’s delivered to the store shelf. That’s particularly impressive, given that Wild Planet is a global operation…

How TR5 Helps Transform Seafood Supply Chains

Seafood traceability is uniquely complex and needs a unique solution. TR5 smart traceability enables companies like yours to satisfy regulatory and customer requirements and bring value to your business. Your business will have less risk, higher margins, and satisfied customers.


Data to provide context & clarify meaning

  • Interoperability: data exchange with any GDST GS1 compliant traceability system.
  • Advanced tools: link data, digitize documents, and more.
  • Integration: with other business systems to eliminate double data entry and reduce errors.


To trust data & drive improvement

  • Trust data: ensure data is trustworthy with continuous checking.
  • Measure quality: continuous improvement of products and business processes using DMAIC methodology.


To use data and increase value

  • Fulfill regulatory requirements: SIMP, FDA and more plus supply chain visibility.
  • Develop brand loyalty: achieve preferred supplier status and encourage loyal consumer behavior.
  • A sustainable future: for your business and the world.
Revolutionize your data strategy.