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Every day you face critical challenges and threats.

TR5 provides the confidence you need to be in control.


Critical Challenges

To prevent IUU-Illegal, Unregulated, Unreported or Misrepresented Seafood—from entering US Commerce
– – –
FDA FSMA 204 & Recall Readiness
To protect public health
– – –
Seafood Sustainability Verification
To verify that seafood is sustainable


Recalls, health risks
– – –
Higher costs
– – –
Lost customers & sales
– – –
Legal action
– – –
Product seizures & liquidations
– – –
Import license revoked
– – –
Higher insurance rates
– – –
Brand damage
– – –
Shipment delays

Meeting government regulations, managing complex supply chains, and satisfying customers are just a few seafood traceability requirements. Failing to fulfill these can mean the loss of millions of dollars and negatively impact every aspect of your business.

But TR5 seafood traceability goes beyond. It provides strategic insights into data, resulting in fewer problems, higher margins, and more satisfied customers, especially those preparing for the rollout of Section 204 of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

TR5 full-chain traceability is the trusted solution, bringing confidence to you and your trading partners.

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