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A pioneer in seafood full-chain traceability, we understand the industry and the problems you face:

Lack of supplier data

Need for trustworthy data

The ever-growing list of regulator, customer, and consumer requirements to satisfy

It is imperative to provide trustworthy data. You struggle because manually processing massive amounts of paper is impossible. You risk failed audits, penalties, fines, and slowed imports that increase cost and can cause brand damage and legal claims if you don’t. It can add up to lost customers, consumers, and sales.

TR5 provides the solution for these problems.

We created TR5 with your needs for interoperability and integration in mind with unprecedented capabilities to visualize your data. TR5 is agile and innovative to help you build the future – whether it’s a digital supply network (DSN) or something just appearing on the horizon.

Here’s how we do it:

Link. Analyze. Act.


Linked data is machine-readable, provides context, and clarifies meaning.

Companies can integrate and use data from multiple sources to build digital supply networks (DSNs).

TR5’s advanced software tools enable companies to enter data themselves when suppliers can’t, or won’t, provide it in a usable digital form. It can create human-readable paper documents plus machine-readable digital documents as this information is critical to avoiding business disruption and maintaining market access. Web Apps, Mobile Apps, IoT devices, CTE loaders, and other tools work together in TR5 to capture, link data, and create smart event-based traceability supply chains.

TR5 is a GS1 and GDST compliant system. You can share and link data with any other traceability system that uses the same standards.

You eliminate costly and error-prone double data entry since TR5 integrates with ERP, inventory management, and other business systems. We provide an open API and process, making integration more defined and predictable

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Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon

Interoperability & Data Visualization

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Trust your data while continuously driving for improvement. We use continuous monitoring and continuous analysis (CMCA) to provide:

Data is not trusted when some of it is missing or invalid. Because seafood supply chains are so complex, it is very costly and almost impossible to manually check and correct massive data volumes due to the vast numbers of farms and vessels and much comingling. TR5 provides the power of CMCA to analyze data and determine it is trustworthy.

Trace Register’s definition of quality is how well something meets a set of requirements.

  • This definition can be applied to products, supply chains, workflows, and other parts of a business that impact risk, margins, and customer satisfaction.
  • To manage quality, you must be able to measure it. Quality is impossible to measure if you don’t have trustworthy data to quantify defects when requirements are not met.

TR5 CMCA uses DMAIC Six Sigma continuous improvement methodology, enabling your company to measure and improve quality.

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Wild Planet

Trustworthy Data

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Use your data to increase value. Save time and money by streamlining your business operations, managing supply chains, and creating value for your business. We continuously innovate to anticipate your needs and update our offerings.

Respond easily and effectively to requirements like SIMP, recalls, and sustainability needs. Learn more.

It is vital to know every member of your supplier networks. Seafood companies can use TR5 to review and understand all Locations such as fishing vessels, farms, or processors in their supplier networks.

Supplying consistent quality seafood to your customers is challenging. But product consistency is a crucial indicator of value and often determines whether your company is a preferred supplier. TR5 with CMCA will help you deliver more consistent quality products. Your customers will see the increased value with results like less risk and lower costs, making it easier for them to sell.

Many U.S. consumers are anxious when shopping for seafood and want more information about the many different products. When shopping for seafood online, anxiety increases because you cannot see or examine the product. TR5 will enable seafood suppliers, online or in-person, to provide product data so retailers, food service, fish counters, or restaurant personnel can use the information to help them sell. When consumers have positive experiences buying and eating seafood, loyal behavior increases purchases and word-of-mouth recommendations to others.

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Navigate Complex Requirements

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The results?

Less risk, higher margins, and increased brand loyalty.