Our Mission

Helping people consistently provide good, honest seafood.

Our Story

Our founder, Phil Werdal, started out working in Alaska’s seafood industry in 1970. Over time, he discovered a vast information gap between the people who catch and process fish and those who buy and eat it. He found that consumers are often left wondering what the seafood product actually was and where it came from.

Phil believed traceability was the solution to fill that information gap and started Trace Register in 2005, bringing together a team with a depth of experience in the seafood industry and technology.

Since then, traceability has become much more. It is the critical tool that enables people to tell the complete story and show seafood is produced legally and sustainably and meets safety, quality and human rights requirements. Traceability is essential so that every trading partner, including the final customer providing for their family, can know that it is good, honest seafood.

Our Mission

When people experience good, healthy seafood, they will eat more of it.

Phil Werdal


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Please email: work@traceregister.com.