SMITHFIELD, RI and SEATTLE, WA, October 24, 2023 – CAI Software, LLC (“CAI” or “CAI Software”) and Trace Register, a leader in full-chain seafood traceability, today announced that they have extended their partnership to enhance traceability across the food industry. CAI is a leader in integrated software and technology solutions for mission-critical, production-oriented enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing execution systems (MES), eCommerce EDI (electronic data interchange), and warehouse management software (WMS).

With a growing focus on food safety and quality, food traceability — the ability to track and trace food products’ movement from farm to sea to table — has become a critical issue for manufacturers, retail grocers, and consumers.

“Food traceability is essential for ensuring the safety and quality of food products, as well as for complying with government regulations and meeting consumer demands for transparency and accountability,” said Brian Rigney, CEO of CAI Software. “By seamlessly connecting our Seasoft supply chain software solution with Trace Register, companies now have more granular data to make more informed decisions and report the necessary information for transparency across their key stakeholders.”  

“Trace Register’s primary goal is to help our customers easily track each product’s complete story and receive value from the captured data,” said Phil Werdal, CEO of Trace Register. “By partnering with CAI Software, customers can have complete visibility across their entire business processes, allowing for faster and better business decisions.”  

The combination of Trace Register’s and CAI Software’s ERP solutions enables seafood companies of all sizes to have greater visibility across their entire processing chain, resulting in fewer problems, higher margins, and more satisfied customers.

About CAI Software

CAI Software, LLC is a leader in the delivery of mission-critical, production-oriented enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing execution systems (MES), warehouse management software (WMS), electronic data interchange (EDI), and Enterprise Process Automation (EPA) software and services to leading companies in targeted vertical markets, including building materials, food processing, precious metals, manufacturing, and distribution. For more information, please visit

About Trace Register

Trace Register is the proven global seafood full-chain traceability leader, serving clients in more than 50 countries for over 15 years. Its TR5 platform takes an unprecedented approach, utilizing cutting-edge technologies and industry standards such as GDST and GS1 to create interoperability and transform seafood supply chains. TR5 provides the confidence to proactively address critical challenges and threats, plus regulatory requirements such as SIMP and FDA FSMA 204. The results are fewer problems, higher margins, and more satisfied customers. Visit to learn more.

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