Every day, you face increasing requirements and regulations and evolving customer and consumer needs.

You need solutions that work.

  • SIMP Made Easy
    (Seafood Import Monitoring Program)

TR5 enables you to connect with your customs brokerage partners and file SIMP entirely digitally. CMCA will check that it satisfies requirements, and you simply transmit all information directly to the broker with no manual data entry for anyone. It can save enormous time and money.

  • Recall Ready

The FDA announced the New Era of Smarter Food Safety to help create a safer and more traceable digital food system. The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Section 204 is coming, and Trace Register is ready. FSMA will require traceability starting at harvest for most seafood products sold in the U.S. After implementation, the FDA will plan audits to verify that products are traceable and recall-ready. TR5 will satisfy these FDA traceability regulations. The cost of not complying can be high, potentially impacting regulators, customers, and market access.

  • Sustainability

Many retailers and other companies have adopted strict ESG policies to reassure consumers they sell sustainable seafood. To ensure products conform to these policies, they require product traceability information back to its source. Consumers now want more transparency to ensure guidelines are followed. TR5 enables companies to provide complete and trustworthy information that will support adherence to sustainability policies.

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