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Introducing Traceability Plus

News Alert: Trace Register wins Innovation Award “Rethink Supply Chains: The Tech Challenge to Fight Labor Trafficking”. Click here to read more.

Traceability Plus Solutions

Manage the tidal wave of data coming at you from many different sources and then put it to work and build your business.

Digital Traceability

Link and trace product information, on a lot-by-lot, and shipment-by-shipment basis, at every step of the supply chain.

  • Data to manage product variation
  • Prevent problems with timely information
  • More rapid, less costly, food recalls

Data Integration

Share and assimilate data from many different sources to provide a unified view.

  • Manage multiple dissimilar standards and formats
  • Filter and deliver only needed data
  • Enable each account to use their own data view

Data Check & Analytics

Gain insights, take action, and improve your bottom line

  • Verify data quality to make it trustworthy
  • Run Six Sigma DMAIC improvement cycles for your supply chains and business
  • Improves compliance and consistency, reduces waste, and increases margins


Try something different to improve the consumer experience

  • Communicate directly to differentiate your products
  • Tell your product’s story
  • Connect at the point of purchase and consumption

Trace Register helps some of the world’s best companies, producers, suppliers and retailers ensure quality, safety and sustainability for their customers.