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It is a new era and food supply chains are seeing unprecedented volatility. Retailers must be able to depend on their suppliers to provide seafood that meets their requirements.

Failure to fulfill retailer requirements can result in costly problems such as consumer complaints, expensive recalls, and brand damage.

It is incredibly time-consuming and costly to manage information using Excel, email, SharePoint, and paper documentation—and it is hard to assure accuracy. Consumers increasingly want and depend on retailers to provide trustworthy information to help them understand the advantages and value of their seafood. With the shift to buying online, this has never been more important.

When suppliers provide the critical information needed, it enables the retailer to focus on supplier management rather than product management.

TR5 event-based full-chain traceability is built on the capability to link, analyze, and act in regards to data with the added power of continuous monitoring, continuous auditing (CMCA).


TR5 with CMCA enables retailers to:

  • Proactively prevent immediate problems; consistently drive long-term improvement
  • Automatically verify critical information in near real-time; send automated alerts to suppliers when non-conformities are discovered and action is required
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency
  • Immediately send email alerts to flag business-stopping events and consistently over time to drive long-term improvement
  • Create a supplier performance score card enabling collaboration when corrective actions are needed
  • Receive assurance that all requirements have been met
Revolutionize your data strategy.