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Processors / Fishermen / Farmers

Processors / fishermen / farmers are a vital link in the seafood supply chain and downstream companies depend on you. It’s up to you to provide trustworthy data for the wild-caught and farmed seafood you process, the specifications on your finished products, and all export requirements.

To maintain good relationships with your customers, a processor / fisherman / farmer must consistently supply good quality products, and provide reliable data. A proactive approach is the only way to get ahead of the data tsunami and build long-term profitability into your business.



TR Full-Chain Traceability enables processors / fishermen / farmers to provide trustworthy data for:

The seafood you process

Data regarding who, when, what, where, and how seafood is caught or raised determines whether it was done so legally and sustainably. You face a huge challenge because wild seafood comes from many different fishing vessels and aquaculture products come from many different farms. You must be able to easily differentiate and link this overwhelming amount of data from multiple sources directly to the products you sell. Information must also be provided in a way that can be passed along the entire supply chain and ultimately help the consumer make purchase decisions.

Finished products you sell

Seafood transformed and changed into another product form must meet strict specifications and requirements. You need to be able to clearly communicate to your customers via data linked directly to each product both the requirements and the successful fulfillment of them. Buyers need to receive assurance that the product they receive is exactly what they ordered.

Successfully managing export requirements

Regulations continue to grow increasingly stricter for exporting products to countries such as the U.S. and you are responsible for providing all the data needed for the product to clear customs and enter the market.

It is extremely difficult to link and assure accuracy of this information. Manual approaches such as Excel, SharePoint and emails don’t have the necessary capabilities. Problems can arise suddenly, and you need to prevent them from hurting your customer. Trace Register gives you the tools to build trust and value.

Revolutionize your data strategy.