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Importers / Distributors

Importers and distributors receive and supply essential information. You need trustworthy data to ensure that imported seafood meets both regulatory requirements and customer specifications.

Costly problems can result when you fail to fulfill these requirements. Delayed entry, buyer claims, or product rejection are just a few examples.

Today holds unprecedented challenges with a shift of focus to consumers. They want and need trustworthy information more than ever before to understand product value, especially with the increased shift to online buying.

But it is hard to assure accuracy, and it is incredibly time-consuming and costly to manage information using Excel, email, SharePoint, and paper documentation.

Issues such as non-conformities, poor data quality along with time zone differentials can cause delays, and a rapid response is critical. It is critical to have the opportunity to fix whatever happens before it can hurt your customer. TR5 event-based full-chain traceability is built on the capability to link, analyze, and act upon data with the added power of continuous monitoring, continuous auditing (CMCA).



TR5 with CMCA enables importers / distributors to:

  • Link webs of data from exporters, processors, vessels and farms
  • Automatically verify requirements are met for multiple suppliers and products in near real-time
  • Automatically drive corrections for non-conformities
  • Immediately send email alerts to flag business-stopping events and configure alerts to consistently drive long-term improvement
  • Greatly increase collaboration with suppliers and customers
Revolutionize your data strategy.