Traceability Pioneer Continues Seafood Industry Innovation Push

Seattle, Wash. – June 11, 2019 – Trace Register, the global leader in full-chain seafood traceability announces the addition of blockchain to its full-chain traceability (FCT) platform.

Governments, industry and consumers are demanding full-chain traceability (FCT) in seafood supply chains. It is required to ensure regulatory compliance, product quality and corporate responsibility. At the same time, it informs consumers about the seafood they and their families

Seafood supply chains are complex global webs that fluctuate regularly with supply and demand. Massive amounts of data are produced to define requirements and verify compliance. Seafood companies use a variety of IT systems to manage this data, making interoperability critical to
achieve FCT.

Blockchain is an extremely powerful technology that adds trust in full-chain traceability. It can ensure data is not altered as it moves between trading partners and different traceability systems while still protecting data confidentiality. The Trace Register platform with blockchain makes
interoperability possible to ensure data security, protect confidential data and enable the sharing of trustworthy high-quality data.

But blockchain cannot ensure data is valid. Trace Register’s Full-Chain Traceability platform does both, by using blockchain to ensure data is not altered and continuous monitoring and continuous auditing (CMCA) to assess whether data is valid. No other solution is available today
that achieves both.

“Our revolutionary approach has been developed over the years and blockchain is now a key technology component,” said Phil Werdal, CEO, Trace Register. “Our FCT platform can help our customers improve efficiency, lower costs, reduce risk and discover hidden profits that lay
unharvested in their FCT data.”

Trace Register will make blockchain available July 1, 2019, to customers on an opt-in basis. For more information about the power of blockchain and the complete Trace Register solution to ensure data trust and validate data, please visit and download, “How Blockchain Adds Trust to Full-Chain Traceability”.

About Trace Register
Trace Register is the proven full-chain traceability leader in the global seafood industry. Our tailored solutions help every member of the supply chain, from single user to enterprise level. They enable users to provide the complete product story while keeping proprietary and designated information confidential. Members of the supply chain including fishers, farmers, processors, importers and retailers can ensure products meet their requirements while achieving higher margins and more satisfied customers. Founded in 2005, Trace Register serves clients in
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