TR5 vs Legacy KDE Traceability

Traditional traceability systems are based on the concept of key data elements (KDEs). KDEs are key-value pairs, Name = Value. This approach worked when only a handful of KDEs was required. However, today, many companies manage more than 100 KDEs per product.

Event-based traceability is much different and captures the history of a product as a series of critical tracking events (CTEs.) Each CTE has five KDEs: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. By grouping event-based collections of KDEs, a contextual dimension results that is not possible with traditional traceability.

TR5 Event-based
Full-chain Traceability




Legacy KDE-based Traceability

TR5 Platform Event-based Legacy KDE-based

An open Interoperable system based on industry standards

Instead of closed proprietary systems, send and receive data from any other system using the same GS1 and GDST industry standards.

Yes No

Uses master data to eliminate re-entry of static data

Reduce re-keying of data by 80% and greatly improve data consistency.

Yes No

Provides a new era of event-based full-chain traceability

Legacy systems use templates to record KDEs without linking or context. TR5 captures CTEs with KDEs for who, what, where, when, and why to provide complete product history and contextual dimensions.

Yes No

Uses linked data, the key to delivering the Semantic Web

Enables interconnected webs of data to be used within existing workflows and produce machine processable meaning.

Yes No

Revolutionizes traceability document management

Legacy systems associate documents with products, TR5 links attachments to events and certificates to master data. This allows for easy sharing and validation of CTEs with their supporting attachments, and certificates with the associated master data.

Yes No

Puts the power of continuous monitoring continuous auditing (CMCA) to work so you can move from a reactive to a predictive approach

An integrated quality management system that greatly increases data quality and trust. It can enable Linked Work Items making it seamless for supply chain partners to collaborate and manage issues when they arise.

Yes Limited

Registers CTEs on blockchain

Addresses the challenges of knowing whether all CTEs for every product has been received and whether the data was modified in the middle.

Yes Limited
Revolutionize your data strategy.