TR Full-Chain Traceability



As seafood moves through long complex supply chains from fisherman and farmer to retailer and consumer, it can undergo changes in product form, location and ownership. Activities that impact products or cause them to change are called Critical Tracking Events (CTEs) which include Key Data Elements (KDEs).

Information describing these activities often becomes marooned on data “islands” and does not move with or accompany the product. This is a challenge because you gain far more context and understanding with linked data, increasing the value of the data.

TR Full-Chain Traceability makes it possible to link this information on a product by product, lot by lot, shipment by shipment basis as products move through the supply chain to supply the complete product story.

In addition to linking CTEs, TR Full-Chain Traceability makes it possible to link logistics and transaction data plus documents throughout the supply chain.


Logistics focus on the physical movement of products through the supply chain while treating foods as consistent commodities. TR Full-Chain Traceability links logistics data with CTEs so the food item becomes lot specific and you know what exactly was shipped or received.


You can link transaction purchase orders and invoices with CTEs to understand on a lot and shipment specific basis the exact details of what is bought and sold. Since this data is highly confidential, TR Full- Chain Traceability enables users to de-link and remove transaction data from the product as it moves down the supply chain.

Multiple internal and external IT systems

  • Internal systems.

    TR Full-Chain Traceability can link data from enterprise resource planning (ERP), accounting, and other internal systems to greatly increase efficiency and make the data more meaningful and powerful.

  • External IT systems.

    TR Full-Chain Traceability enables users to link traceability data, regulatory agency data, and certifier data. For example, users can:

    • Link with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to enable crosschecking and analysis to see if companies are on the FDA watch list or warning letters have been issued for specific product shipments
    • Link with import brokers so they can more efficiently provide data to Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) in the required format to facilitate imports
    • Link with dynamic Monterey Bay Aquarium (MBA) standards that are often updated to verify sustainability policy compliance

TR Full-Chain Traceability can link massive amounts of data from multiple sources so you have the complete product story.

Revolutionize your data strategy.