TR+ Analytics with CMCA

TR+ Analytics with CMCA

TR+ Analytics with CMCA (continuous monitoring continuous auditing) is a revolutionary way to assure all products conform to your requirements. It also enables you to analyze your data for business insights. A game-changing solution, it finds problems for you and automatically informs the responsible party to take corrective actions.

It is a proactive approach to build long-term profitability into your business as it can dramatically reduce costs, be an incredible productivity boost and ensure you achieve maximum product quality.

Put your data work:

  • Continuous monitoring enables management to automatically and continuously review products and business processes for conformance to requirements.
  • Continuous auditing enables internal audit groups to automatically and continually gather data to support auditing activities.

TR+ Analytics with CMCA greatly improves accuracy and efficiency.



Selling or buying non-compliant products is costly and wasteful. Today’s savvy consumers have high expectations and are hyper-connected through social media. The customer’s voice is amplified and one negative tweet or review can reach thousands.

The powerful components of TR+ Analytics with CMCA can help protect your brand and business by bringing actionable insights unique to your set of requirements.



Problems with shipments or products can arise suddenly. You need to know and be able to act immediately.

Employees spend hours scanning reports and documents to look for nonconformities and problems. Answering these questions using today’s tools is time consuming and error prone. Problems are often uncovered after the fact, leaving few options for corrective action.

TR+ Analytics with CMCA: Make It Easy


TR+ Enterprise Platform

  • Robust to handle big data for power users
  • A traceability platform for thousands of supply chain partners and millions of products
  • Enables external and internal lot level or case level traceability
  • Flexible, can be hosted in the cloud or locally by the user

TR+ Rules Engine

  • Create rule sets by digitizing product specifications and supply chain requirements
  • Automatically checks data against rule sets to verify compliance
  • Checks all attributes
  • Employs the Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) process methodology

TR+ Dashboard

  • Flexible desktop application for multiple users
  • Ease of use similar to Outlook or Google Docs
  • “My Desktop” configurable to every user’s specific needs
  • Automatically creates alerts to prevent problems and drive improvement
  • Automatically reports trends and score cards over time

Send alerts

to drive immediate action and prevent problems


Define actions

to drive continuous improvement and controls over the long term


Increase collaboration

between all trading partners in seafood supply chains


Embed corrective actions

in the organization’s institutional processes for continuity

Revolutionize your data strategy.