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Wild Planet:

Trace Register’s single platform enables trustworthy data
and interoperability with other systems

Wild Planet, a premier U.S. brand of sustainable canned tuna, sources only pole and line caught fish. The fish comes from multiple countries and are processed in facilities located in various counties. These factors make it exceptionally challenging to gather and manage the required information from fishing, offload, commingling, and processing. In addition, supporting documentation such as NOAA 370s, captain statements, and much more is linked to the final product. Every product lot must have all the required information to satisfy SIMP, or it cannot be imported into the U.S.

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Trustworth Data and Interoperability

TR5 makes it easier for Wild Planet suppliers to provide reliable data. TR5 is GDST compliant, so trading partners with different traceability systems using the same GDST standards can exchange data with Wild Planet.

However, suppliers that use TR5 have the great advantage of CMCA (continuous monitoring continuous auditing), which automatically checks to ensure the data they receive or send is complete and valid. A huge benefit, it eliminates the multi-day back and forth needed to correct data in different time zones. The information is also used in different ways; it not only satisfies regulatory compliance but provides
information for consumer requests.

TR5 makes it possible for Wild Planet to manage all of these processes in one platform, which has measurably increased efficiencies and streamlined workflows.

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"TR5 is the only solution I know of that can take care of our tuna requirements.  There are so many regulations involved, and consumer needs continue to rush towards traceability.  Trace Register has been around a long time and has a deep understanding of the seafood industry.  We can depend on them to help as the team knows supply chains and can provide the know-how we need."

Ben Carvalho,
Logistics Manager, Wild Planet

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