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Vietnamese Shrimp Processor:

TR5 from Trace Register Enhances Product Value Through Data

A high-quality Vietnamese shrimp processor sells its shrimp products directly to a major U.S. brand, and they are then sold to a major U.S. retailer. Buyer requirements call for complete traceability data on all purchase orders.

Buyer and Sustainability Requirements

Oanh, an employee of the shrimp processor, was identified to use the TR5 account to track this data. She was not eager to do so because she thought it just meant more traceability task work. She didn’t like asking for certification data of the company’s BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) 3-star products because it was time-consuming and challenging to obtain. BAP certification is significant as it is a seafood-specific certification program verifying that producers follow best practices to safely and responsibly deliver farmed seafood.

In addition to BAP challenges, Oanh was skeptical that anyone would even use the information she entered into the TR5 account. But what she learned is that her company’s customers, retailers, and consumers do analyze and pay serious attention to the data and why it matters. Often, U.S. importers may not use Vietnamese processors if they can’t correctly fulfill specific buyer and sustainability requirements.

Wake Up Call

Another key piece is ensuring the accuracy of information. Because of TR5 CMCA, Oanh discovered discrepancies in the data involving both country and company name, which could have kept products from making it to market. It was a wake-up call for Oanh. She now realizes how important her work is and is very motivated, ensuring the data is checked and the many supporting documents are uploaded as needed. She feels increased job satisfaction because she knows her efforts make a difference.

TR5 can transform business by using data to increase product value, provide tangible evidence to stakeholders of product origins, and motivate employees like Oanh to see that her efforts are valuable and integral to her company's success.

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“It is very challenging for a processor using manual methods to provide the proof needed to build trust with their customers and ultimately the consumer. TR5 enables this process and makes it simpler and more trustworthy. Once the data is available, the capabilities of what you can do with it become endless.”

Peter Larkins
Vice President of Customer Service
Trace Register

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