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RedFishCo, Inc.:

TR5 Critical Tracking Event Templates Help Simplify Full-Chain Traceability (FCT) Data Entry

RedFishCo, Inc. is a producer of premium quality tilapia products sourced from farms in Colombia and exported to markets worldwide. Its customers requested that it provide GDST compliant FCT data. RedFishCo, Inc. selected TR5 to meet these requirements.

Identify Critical Knowledge

The challenge RedFishCo, Inc. faced was recording and sharing all of the critical tracking events (CTEs) in its supply chain, including harvests, transformations, and transactions. Trace Register first worked with RedFishCo, Inc. to understand its supply chain workflows and transformations that take place for the products sold.

Identify Critical Knowledge

Next, a TR5 CTE template was configured, making it easy for RedFishCo, Inc. to record and manage the required data efficiently and cost-effectively. The template enables RedFishCo, Inc. to provide high-quality GDST compliant data to satisfy its customers and create new business opportunities.

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"The CTE template is fabulous and makes it very easy to use TR5."

Michelle Wood,
Logistics Coordinator, RedFishCo, Inc.

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