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Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon:

TR5 from Trace Register Helps Achieve Data Interoperability, Integration, and Visualization

In a breathtakingly spectacular part of New Zealand, Mt Cook Alpine Salmon raises salmon using unique, sustainable farming methods. The fish receives its unsurpassed flavor and texture by swimming at least 21 kilometers a day through fast-flowing, highly oxygenated glacial water with a flow of 2 million gallons of water per minute. Mt Cook needs to tell this remarkable story but has faced information sharing challenges. These include different data formats and silos, proprietary traceability systems, and portal fatigue throughout its customer supply chains.


The Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST) introduced open standards to enable interoperability. Mt Cook selected TR5 because it is a GDST-compliant full-chain traceability platform. And it can exchange data with any other GDST-compliant traceability system. Mt Cook can now share its incredible story with customers and consumers while highlighting the careful steps they take when exporting it worldwide.


Mt Cook also wanted to integrate their internal ERP systems with a traceability system, but initially, it looked to be too time-consuming and expensive. Trace Register provided them with a range of integration options that included Open API, Excel, and XML. Mt Cook was then able to choose a method that would provide the solution they needed – and do it quickly, easily, and at minimum cost.


TR5 makes it possible to link each critical event in sequence. As a result, visualization of the supply chain now has far more clarity and provides richer data to make strategic business decisions.

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"We pay attention to every detail of our sustainably-raised salmon.  Being able to communicate this to our customers easily and quickly was made possible by using TR5 and working with Trace Register."

Sridhar Jaganathan,
Quality Assurance & Compliance Manager, Mt Cook Alpine Salmon

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