Success Stories

Since 2005, Trace Register has helped customers find new, effective ways to address the challenges of full-chain traceability. Hear more about their experiences!

Mt Cook Alpine Salmon

Mt Cook Alpine Salmon raises salmon using unique, sustainable farming methods and has a remarkable story to tell, but faced information sharing challenges. Learn how TR5 helped them deal with different data formats, silos, proprietary traceability systems, and portal fatigue throughout its customer supply chains.

Wild Planet

Wild Planet is a premier U.S. brand of sustainable canned tuna. They source only pole and line-caught fish from multiple countries and are processed in facilities located in various counties.  Learn how TR5 helped them navigate the challenges of gathering and managing the required information from harvest to processing plus supporting documentation and regulatory requirements.

European Trading Company

A major trading company based in Europe buys wild-caught shrimp in Latin America, has it re-processed into value-added products in China and then exported to the U.S.

Chilean Salmon Producer

A leading Chilean company needed a solution to manage complex data operations that were time-consuming and expensive. The company sources salmon fillets from many different processors who in turn source from multiple farms; the fillets are then reprocessed into value-added products for export to the U.S., E.U., and other countries.

RedFishCo, Inc.

RedFishCo, Inc. is a producer of premium quality tilapia products sourced from farms in Colombia and exported to markets worldwide. Its customers requested that it provide GDST compliant FCT data. RedFishCo, Inc. selected TR5 to meet these requirements.

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