TR+ Analytics

Accelerate and automate your compliance assurance process to advance your business.


Selling or buying non-compliant products is costly and wasteful. Today’s savvy consumers have high expectations and are hyper-connected through social media. The customer’s voice is amplified and one negative tweet or review can reach thousands.

Put the powerful components of TR+ Analytics to work to protect your brand and business by bringing actionable insights unique to your set of specifications.



TR+ Enterprise Platform

    Robust to handle big data for large users

  • A traceability platform for hundreds of trading partners and millions of products
  • Enables external and internal lot level or case level traceability
  • Flexible, can be hosted in the cloud or locally on site by the user

TR+ Rules Engine

    Create rule sets by digitizing product specifications and supply chain requirements

  • Automatically checks data against rule sets to verify compliance
  • Checks all attributes for all business aspects in question
  • Employs the Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) process methodology

TR+ Dashboard

    Flexible desktop application for multiple users

  • Ease of use similar to Outlook or Google Docs
  • “My Desktop” configurable to every user’s specific needs
  • Automatically creates tasks or alerts to prevent problems and drive improvement
  • Automatically reports trends and score cards over time
Revolutionize your data strategy.