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Trace Register Offers Proven and Complete Solutions

Trace Register (TR) has proactive, easily implemented solutions and comprehensive services for every size business and challenge. From nimble, turnkey solutions for small suppliers to robust data analytics and automation for large scale operations overwhelmed with oceans of data, TR is your partner in traceability.


TR Standard

    The perfect solution for the smaller supplier

  • Low cost cloud-based traceability system for companies still using physical forms and manual data entry to track product information
  • Enables easy and efficient entry of product and traceability information.
  • Data stored in your account can be linked to source products and ingredients to easily share with your buyers
  • Search, filter and reporting tools make it easy to get the facts you need quickly

TR Professional

    For medium to larger suppliers managing significant volumes of data

  • A more advanced version of TR Standard for companies with existing digital data systems wanting to link them with their TR account
  • Enables interoperability between systems, removes the need for manual data entry into your TR account saving time and money
  • Large volumes of information are input, linked, and quickly shared with buyers

TR+ Analytics

    Revolutionary software as a service enabling you to transform data into understanding, action and results

  • Automatically analyze unprecedented volumes of complex product and traceability data
  • Automatically create task lists to drive improvement while reducing risk and cost
  • Increase margins, sales and customer satisfaction
  • Learn more about the TR+ Analytics revolution


Leverage the power of Trace Register with these additional
tools and services.

TR Marketing

    Connect your product story with lot specific data and link it to the physical package the consumer holds in their hands

    Support your product story with specific detailed attributes. TR Marketing connects lot specific data with a physical product to verify marketing claims. Increase brand value by directly communicating your product’s valuable attributes to the customer.

    Can be added to Standard, Professional and TR+ Analytics.


    An efficient and cost effective tool to establish true interoperability between your internal data systems and your TR account

    An often difficult and expensive process TR ETL (extract, transform, load) is a desktop application that makes the task of extracting data from multiple sources, transforming it into one file and loading it into your account quick, easy and flexible. It extracts data from multiple sources and transforms it into one file, loading it into your TR account quickly and easily. New attributes, data sources, or edits to your uploads are quickly and easily added.

    TR ETL can be added to Standard, Professional and TR+ Analytics

Implementation Support Services

    Support to manage vendor and supplier engagement

    Supply chains are often global with companies from several different countries creating complex management issues. An effective traceability system requires development of collaboration and cooperation of multiple companies. TR brings many years of experience, a global support team, and proven implementation strategies to successfully guide you through the potentially challenging processes of onboarding vendors, developing data integration; data quality improvement; data analytics and rule set development that will result in a powerful tool for business improvement.