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Our Clients’ Success

Trace Register works with leaders of the global food industry, along all points in the supply chain.



Our objective in implementing electronic traceability was to improve the efficiency and rigor of managing compliance against our product specifications— and we achieved this. The demand for information about our products is constantly evolving and the flexibility and power of the Trace Register solution means we can quickly and confidently meet these ever changing requirements.

-Jim Kellman, Seafood Category Merchant for Wegmans

Delhaize America


When we implemented the Trace Register solution our focus was sustainable seafood. But now that it is up and running we can use the power and flexibility of the system. It has the potential to help us manage risk, improve efficiency and drive sales for us and our suppliers.

-George Paramenter, Manager of Sustainability for Delhaize America

Price Chopper


Having key product information available electronically at the press of a button is efficient for us, our trade partners, and most importantly, our customers.

-Vice President of Seafood Merchandising, Price Chopper

Euro USA


Euro USA began participating in the Trace Register program in late 2012. As an Importer and Distributor of Specialty Foods, Fine Wines, Fresh Seafood & Pat LaFrieda Meats, we understand how essential sustainability and traceability programs are to the food industry. The Trace Register program allows Euro USA to have an open line of electronic communication with customers who in turn have confidence that they are receiving and providing a safe, quality and traceable product for their customers. The staff at Trace Register are exceptional in customer support and the program is concise and user-friendly.

Equator, Inc.


Equator, Inc. has committed to selling only the highest quality, sustainable seafood. The Trace Register program has helped us accomplish this by making it possible to efficiently trace the products we buy and sell through the entire supply chain. Trace Register’s easy to use interface brings us the critical product data we need at the push of a button so that our customers can be confident in the quality of the products they purchase.

Dorr Lobster Co.


Dorr Lobster Co. began participating in the Trace Register program in 2011. Sustainability and traceability programs are essential to the food industry. TR customer service is so friendly, answers all my questions and has helped walk me through every step, even when we are so remote and have Internet issues. The program has been catered to fit my needs and I appreciate all Trace Register has done to make this an easier process for me and our company.

Quirch Foods Co.


“Before partnering with Trace Register, we maintained all our compliance and traceability documentation in hard copy. We had 6 cabinets of files. This was all done thru the mail or e-mails and was all manually filed. Today, we have everything within Trace Register and no more file cabinets, or manual filing. The cost saving from labor costs, more than justifies the cost of using Trace Register. Many years ago, I was involved with 5 focused audits with US Customs. It took months and an enormous amount of time to gather all the traceability documents that they required. I learned a valuable lesson then, and changed our policies to include all traceability documents from our suppliers. Today, it would take only an hour or two to get all this information out of the Trace Register database. Need I say more?”

Howard Tenen – Director of Quality Assurance at Quirch Foods Co.


Wild Ocean Fish


Trace Register is a perfect system for supply chains, it allows us to trace products more efficiently. It is not only easy to use and access, but more importantly, it helps us generate all necessary information more easily and handle documentation more efficiently.

Uoriki Fresh


TR’s technical team worked with us to integrate TR with our accounting/ERP system, and once done, information sharing is automatic. There really are no “running costs” of providing third party traceability to our clients. Traceability is a core issue today and Trace Register helps us deliver the absolute assurances our clients require.

TR has helped us become the only SQF 2000 Level 3 certified sushi products company in North America by making it possible to bring our supply chain into full compliance and makes it administratively easy to keep it so.

Alaskan Leader Fisheries


Traceability in the Seafood industry is a must. Here at Alaskan Leader Fisheries, we have found Trace Register to be an easy and efficient process that aids in our daily goal to have 100% traceability of our product for our customers. Being a user of Trace Register has created customers for us and has kept those customers happy and confident.

Woods Fisheries


You can’t have true sustainability without traceability. Traceability is the validation of the data behind what you’re actually doing to become sustainable and to be a sustainable fishery.

Trace Register may just look like a bunch of data, but it’s actually telling a story. A story that can be seen on a map with data to back it up. You can see quality control checks. You can keep track of by-catch ratios and verify your fishery improvement projects.

We now have data behind traceability, giving substance and truth to where our product comes from. TR is the validation of our entire supply chain. We’re a 5th generation company and with the economic and environment sustainability, we look forward to being a 7th or 8th generation company.

With Trace Register we are able to meet environmental critics with facts and valid data, as well as tell our product stories. Without traceability and without the valid data behind it, sustainability does not exist. Sustainability is worthless without traceability.


-Reese Antley, Woods Fisheries

Kwik' Pak


We went to Trace Register in the hopes of protecting the integrity of our product and our brand. We wanted to guarantee that when a consumer buys a Yukon River fish, it can be purchased with confidence. Traceability would not be possible without Trace Register; this is how significant and vital Trace Register is to Kwik’Pak.

-Jack Schultheis, General Manager at Kwik’Pak


Lusamerica welcomes our expanding partnership with Trace Register.  As a leading west coast importer, processor and distributor, we have a long history of sourcing and distributing sustainable seafood along with our sustainable business practices.  As a family business we recognize the vital importance of being good stewards of our fishery resources and the environment, for the near term and for generations to come.  Trace Register adds to our traceability efforts and we look forward to their solutions that further add confidence through our supply chain.  Ultimately, the consumer wants assurance that the products they are purchasing are as advertised.

Westport Aquaculture


Trace Register not only adds a layer of convenience, it also adds a layer of credibility that customers trust. With rampant seafood fraud across the United States in the form of substitutions and mislabeling, the Trace Register seal distinguishes a supplier from all the rest, and reminds clients of their commitment to authenticity.

Gulf Seafood Trace


After the oil spill, we needed to provide consumers with a different experience of Gulf seafood. Trace Register helped us do this, as well as increase demand and price.

I hope the TR system can be known and used by many buyers. The processors who are using the TR system can introduce TR to the buyers. Using the TR system, we can satisfy every buyers’ requirements for traceability.

SeaJoy Group


Trace Register is a very important traceability tool for the SeaJoy Group. It enables us to bring together traceability information from SeaJoy’s different production centers into a single platform, allowing us to trace products from its easy-to-use interface. This has helped our shrimp and Jalapeño Chile products to meet world class product certification standards for safety and quality.

Many companies world-wide trust TR+ data every day.

Trace Register helps some of the world’s best companies, producers, suppliers and retailers create sustainable solutions for digital traceability.

Our Clients’ Success

Trace Register works with leaders of the global food industry, along all points in the supply chain.