Helping Food Manufacturers and Retailers Move Beyond Product Recalls to Managing The Extended Food Supply Chain

In addition to managing records and recalls, a new technology platform lets retailers, importers, exporters, food manufacturers and farmers prevent problems, improve efficiency & reduce costs

Seattle, Wash. – November 14, 2013 – Trace Register, the leader in food traceability, announces the industry’s most advanced food traceability system – Traceability Plus™. Unlike traditional traceability systems that “look backward in time” and are used primarily for record keeping and product recalls, Traceability  Plus™  provides  retailers  with  near  real  time  monitoring  of  their  supply  chain  so  they can proactively prevent problems and improve their product quality and overall supply chain performance.

“If  you  can’t  measure  it  you  can’t  manage  it  is  an  old  saying  that  also  applies  to  food  supply  chains,”   states Phil Werdal, CEO of Trace Register. “Traceability Plus enables companies to not only measure but also analyze and improve the performance of their supply chains. It is based on the continuous improvement process that has long been used in the auto industry to improve the quality of cars while reducing costs. This proven methodology enables food companies to reduce waste, increase margins and deliver consistent quality  food.”

About  Trace  Register’s  Traceability  Plus™

Traceability  Plus™  is  comprised  of  three components – Digital Traceability System, Data Check Module, and Marketing Module.

Digital Traceability System

Digital Traceability gives companies at each step in the supply chain the ability to record and share structured data in a confidential and secure way. Features:

  • Easy and efficient data capture at each step of the supply chain
  • Confidential sharing- companies decide which data each trading partner may access
  • Easy integration with existing systems using a standard Odata service
  • Support for more efficient and less costly product recalls

Data Check Module

Data Check automatically monitors and analyzes structured data as it is recorded into the Digital Traceability System. It has a Rules Editor, enabling users to write the rules against which they want the data to be checked. The Rules Engine runs these rules automatically and the results are displayed in near real time, on an easy to use Dashboard, dramatically improving the efficiency and effectiveness of critical business oversight. Features:

  • Measures and analyzes data quality to facilitate improvement over time
  • Verifies compliance with safety, sustainability and other specified requirements
  • Generates alerts to proactively drive action and prevent problems
  • Fully supports LEAN Six Sigma DMAIC Process

Marketing Module – Building Consumer Loyalty

Consumers and buyers are hungry for information about where their food comes from, who harvests it and how it is handled. This module enables users to engage and educate audiences by sharing specific product details such as the exact farmer, fisherman, forager-harvester or food manufacturer who delivered a product to market. Product information can be shared at the point of sale which a consumer can access by scanning a QR barcode on a smart phone, resulting in a powerful way to tell a story and attain a price premium.

About Trace Register

Trace Register is the preferred traceability system for the global food industry. With more than 1,000 customers in 24 countries, Trace  Register’s  powerful platforms help producers, distributors and retailers know, with confidence, that the food they deliver to the next link in the supply chain is safe and authentic, which increases customer loyalty and sales.

Founded in 2005, Trace Register is a privately held company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA, with regional offices in Japan and China. For more information, please visit