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European Trading Company:

TR5 from Trace Register Satisfies Wild Shrimp SIMP

A major trading company based in Europe buys wild-caught shrimp in Latin America, has it re-processed into value-added products in China and then exported to the U.S.

Upload data from PDFs automatically

Importing shrimp into the U.S. requires filing under the Seafood Import Monitoring Program (SIMP). The trader’s U.S. customer must have their import broker file in the ACE portal at time of entry. They must also be able to pass audits when needed. To do so they are required to provide detailed information and supporting documentation about fishing, first receiver, processing, and re-processing for every product imported.

Recreate Entire Supply Chains

The trader’s suppliers lack traceability systems and only provide raw data. TR5’s CTE Templates enable the trading company to record critical tracking events from this data and recreate entire supply chains, making it GDST and SIMP compliant. The trader can now use Master data for the vessels, processors, and products, linked to attachments such as harvest records, HACCP Plans, and other certificates.

Save Time

Employees are enthusiastic about using TR5. Previously, it took hours to record the data. But now, it takes under 15 minutes to recreate the entire supply chain for every shipment imported, reducing the chance of errors and significantly increasing efficiency.

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"The chance for errors becomes exponential when there are multiple co-mingling and transformation events in the supply chain. TR5 CTE templates make it much easier to manage the process and ensure SIMP and other regulatory requirements are fulfilled."

Peter Larkins,
Vice President of Customer Service, Trace Register

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