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Chilean Salmon Producer:

TR5 from Trace Register Helps Save Time and Money

A leading Chilean company needed a solution to manage complex data operations that were time-consuming and expensive. The company sources salmon fillets from many different processors who in turn source from multiple farms; the fillets are then reprocessed into value-added products for export to the U.S., E.U., and other countries.

The Chilean government’s strict system tracks production in their fishing and aquaculture industries. Using a complex numbering system, it manages supply chain entities related to fishing, farming, and processing, along with detailed lists of associated Chilean government permits. It becomes even more complicated since over 400 different seafood products recognized by the government need to be tracked. In addition, buyers require details of BAP and ASC certifications. The company used multiple Excel spreadsheets to manage all of this until they selected TR5. Now, their work is much easier, and they have realized new cost-saving workflows that were previously not possible.

Upload data from PDFs automatically

The company’s original system took many hours and had great potential for errors. For example, they would receive official PDFs with details for their raw material purchases. An employee would then read these highly detailed PDFs (containing hundreds of data points) and manually type the information into Excel spreadsheets. TR5 now provides the company a dedicated PDF Converter that allows them to take print-ready PDF files and import the data directly into the TR5 platform. This process eliminates the problems of manually rekeying data and correcting errors.

Generating XML Reports

Like all seafood exporters, the company must file an XML Export Report to the Chilean government for all outgoing shipments. Previously, they sent the Excel file produced by rekeying the data from the PDF to a subcontractor to create an XML file, getting charged in the double digits for each report. By using TR5, they can produce XML export reports themselves and eliminate these report costs.

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"This is a great example of how just one of our customers has realized the benefits of TR5 to see increased productivity and save money. Our team has an unmatched depth of expertise in both the seafood industry and data. We can identify solutions to help customers with a wide range of challenges."

Peter Larkins,
Vice President of Customer Service, Trace Register

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