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Huffington Post: Private Sector Demonstrates that Seafood Traceability is Possible and Profitable

March 10, 2016 Posted in Headlines

Excerpt: J.J. McDonnell supplements its own online database with an electronic traceability software platform and analytical tool called Trace Register, which provides QR codes detailing product information. Vilnit reported to Oceana that companies like Whole Foods and Wegmans “simply just won’t buy product that isn’t traceable, and this is really pushing the needle on traceability

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New Oceana Report Highlights Value in Traceability

March 9, 2016 Posted in Headlines

Oceana released “Fish Stories” a report showing the success in seafood traceability. The report highlights how seafood traceability benefits companies along the supply chain – from fishermen and distributors to grocery stores, consumers and restaurants. Link to Oceana release Link to Oceana’s Brochure

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Assuring Authentic Seafood With Digital Certificates: Progressive Grocer

October 19, 2015 Posted in Headlines

Enhanced traceability can show how, when, and who produced seafood. By Phil Werdal “Among the latest technology developments are digital certificates, which can help combat illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing and seafood fraud. Digital certificates can verify data at each step of the supply chain to ensure that a food product meets certain required

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Retailer Wegmans Works With Trace Register to Verify Each Shipment

August 6, 2015 Posted in Headlines

Wegmans uses Trace Register’s software system to manage and promote the sustainability of its seafood products.

“Wegmans also works with Trace Register to verify each and every shipment that arrives at Wegmans docks. “We want to know that our specifications have been met. Where it was caught, what species it is, the scientific name, how long it’s been out of the water, etc,” says Salamone.”

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Traceability Plus and seafood promotions for Super Bowl 49

January 28, 2015 Posted in Headlines

For retailers using the TR+ system, jumping on marketing opportunities that arise like Super Bowl 49 is an easy decision. In the article linked above, SeafoodSource contributing editor comments on the missed opportunities of retailers to market their seafood products during the upcoming Super Bowl 49.

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