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SeafoodSource.com: Study finds opportunities for artisanal fishers to work with global traceability standards

September 7, 2021 Posted in Headlines

In a new study led by World Wildlife Fund Peru (WWF-Peru), Peru’s mahi and jumbo squid fisheries were used to track how digital technologies can support small-scale fishers’ engagement with global seafood traceability standards. The study was organized in collaboration with the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST) Secretariat, WWF-US and the Institute of Food

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September 2, 2021 Posted in Headlines & Press Releases

WASHINGTON, D.C. – SEPTEMBER 2, 2021 – An innovative study in the Peru mahi and jumbo squid fisheries proved how affordable digital technologies can work with new global seafood traceability standards to produce positive results for small scale fishers and their customers. The study was organized by World Wildlife Fund Peru (WWF-Peru) in collaboration with

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Undercurrent News: US firm launches seafood traceability platform

February 20, 2020 Posted in Headlines

US-based data technology firm Trace Register has formally launched a new traceability platform for seafood, it announced. The new platform, TR5, is built on Global Dialogue for Seafood Traceability (GDST) standards, but can also receive data from any other GDST-compliant system, meaning that it can easily integrate data from existing traceability platforms.

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Trace Register Announces Launch of TR5 for Processors

February 13, 2020 Posted in Press Releases

Leader of Global Full-Chain Traceability Builds New Platform with Unprecedented Capabilities for Interoperability and Collaboration  Seattle, Wash. – February 13, 2020 – Trace Register (TR), the global leader in full-chain seafood traceability, announces the launch of TR5 for processors. TR5 is an open platform built on GS1 and Global Dialogue for Seafood Traceability (GDST) standards.

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Trace Register Platform Enables First Integrated and Automated SIMP Filings

October 1, 2019 Posted in Press Releases

The Fishin’ Company and John S. Connor Reduce Costs and Potential Errors Seattle, Wash. – October 1, 2019 – Trace Register (TR), the global leader in full-chain seafood traceability, announces the first integrated and automated Seafood Import Monitoring Program (SIMP) filings enabled by its Full-Chain Traceability (FCT) platform. The Fishin’ Company, one of the largest

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Undercurrent News: SIMP helping to drive seafood’s blockchain moment

June 21, 2019 Posted in Headlines

It’s not your imagination. The seafood industry is talking a lot more than usual about Bitcoin these days. But don’t worry. There’s no effort afoot to launch a new form of seafood-themed cryptocurrency — though “Fishscales” would have a nice ring to it. Rather, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s implementation of its new Seafood

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PerishableNews.com: Trace Register Puts the Power of Blockchain in Full-Chain Traceability

June 17, 2019 Posted in Press Releases

Seattle, Wash. – Trace Register, the global leader in full-chain seafood traceability announces the addition of blockchain to its full-chain traceability (FCT) platform. Governments, industry and consumers are demanding full-chain traceability (FCT) in seafood supply chains. It is required to ensure regulatory compliance, product quality and corporate responsibility. At the same time, it informs consumers

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IntraFish: Traceability firm adds blockchain technology

June 17, 2019 Posted in Press Releases

Company combines blockchain technology with its traceability system. US-based traceability company Trace Register said Monday it is adding blockchain technology to its Full-Chain Traceability (FCT) platform. Seafood supply chains accumulate massive amounts of data related to product requirements and compliance with sustainability and other programs. Read More:https://www.intrafish.com/processor/1806396/traceability-firm-adds-blockchain-technology

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