Additional Products and Services

TR+ Marketing

Provide consumers with the complete product story. TR+ Marketing links lot-specific data with the physical product to verify marketing claims. This transparency increases brand value by directly communicating your product’s attributes to the customer.

TR+ Marketing can be added to TR Standard, TR Professional and TR Enterprise subscriptions.

TR+ ETL In/Out

Establish true interoperability between your internal data systems and your TR account. TR+ ETL (extract, transform, load) is a desktop application that makes it easy to extract data from multiple sources, group it into one file and load it into your TR account. New attributes, data sources, or edits to your uploads are quickly and easily added.

TR+ ETL can be added to TR Professional and TR Enterprise subscriptions.

Training and Support Services

An effective traceability system requires collaboration and cooperation. Supply chains are often global with companies operating in multiple countries creating complicated management issues. Trace Register brings an expert team with global expertise and proven implementation strategies to help you navigate these complexities.

  • Training users
  • Linking traceability data
  • Onboarding suppliers
  • Overview of TR+ Analytics with CMCA

Professional Consulting Services

We work closely with you to make the complex and difficult easy. Our consulting services can successfully guide you through what can be challenging processes.

  • Data integration projects
  • TR+ ETL Implementation
  • TR+ Analytics Implementations
  • Developing Rulesets
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