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About Trace Register

Discover who is behind Trace Register, the leading global food traceability company.

Founded in 2005, Trace Register is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. We have clients in over 40 countries, supported by customer service teams in North and South America, and throughout Asia.

At Trace Register we believe that digital traceability and analytics begin and end with people. The technology is incredible and can do many things, but it is people who decide how it is used and who it impacts. Their motives, concerns and desires influence what objectives they set and the insights they seek. Their actions determine how well their supply chains perform and resulting consumer satisfaction. For traceability to help deliver consistently good food, it is necessary to consider people.

Our Leadership

The dynamic Trace Register Senior Leadership team spans three continents, four nationalities, and includes a range of expertise and global perspectives.

Phil Werdal

Founder, and CEO

Phil Werdal leads the Trace Register team and spearheads strategy development. He brings 40 years of experience in the Pacific Ocean seafood industries. During that time he served as a US Government fisheries observer aboard Japanese surimi-producing vessels in the Bering Sea, and a Japanese whaling fleet in the Antarctic Ocean. He also co-founded and became president of Jubilee Fisheries, a fully integrated fishing company catching and freezing bottom fish in Alaska. For 20 years he served as representative agent in Japan for the United States Surimi Commission. Born and raised in Japan, he has extensive experience that provides a deep understanding of Asia’s social, cultural and business traditions. Phil received a BA in Business Administration from the University of Washington. His diverse background and unique perspective of global seafood supply chains served as inspiration for the formation of Trace Register.

Dr. Dag Heggelund

Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Dag Heggelund joined Trace Register in 2011 to lead technology, innovations and operations. He adds 30 years of experience to the company as an industry recognized expert in software development and Data Quality, as well as an extensive background in mathematical modeling. Most recently, he  served as the Data Quality Business Manager for Schlumberger, the world’s largest oilfield services company. Previously, he founded and served as CEO of InnerLogix, a technology company focused on research and development within the field of information and data quality assessment and improvement. He received his BS, MS and PhD in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University and has been published in numerous journals on data and information quality. Dr. Heggelund was born and raised in Norway, adding to the global knowledge base of Trace Register’s thought leadership.

Stephen Pratt

Vice President of Sales

Stephen Pratt is the Vice President of Sales for Trace Register. He demonstrates to current and prospective customers how TR’s Traceability Plus software solution can be used to proactively prevent problems, reduce waste and increase margins. He has seven years’ experience working on the integration of supply chain data with enhanced traceability analytics and knows the value it adds to the entire supply chain. Stephen has cross-cultural work experience and is known for his ability to simply communicate complex concepts and ideas to diverse audiences. Prior to joining TR, he worked as a mechanical engineer with the U.S. Navy, maintaining large vessels in the Middle East, Asia and North America. At Trace Register, Stephen has held various roles related to customer support, product development, marketing and sales. He is dedicated to working with every member of the supply chain to provide the most effective traceability solution for them.

Peter Larkins

Vice President of Customer Service

Peter Larkins has been leading and mobilizing Trace Register’s global Customer Service team since 2008. He enjoys working hands on with our clients and brings extensive global experience in fisheries and aquaculture production. A blend of technology and customer service make up much of his previous professional experiences. His education includes a BS in Marine Biology and Oceanography from UCNW, Bangor, United Kingdom, an MS from the University of Stirling, United Kingdom, and an MBA. Peter has had experience with wild fisheries in New Zealand, Scotland and the Falkland Islands. He has extensive experience with private and governmental bodies in warm-water aquaculture production, disease control and selective breeding programs in eight countries in Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.

Bill Franceschine

Vice President of Development

Bill Franceschine has been a steadfast member of Trace Register’s development team since 2007. He now leads the development team, strategy formation and development projects. Bill has over 25 years of software development experience, working in a range of areas including medical office software management, large retail grocery management, and lumber products software management. He holds an AA in Electrical Engineering, Computer Design and Programming from I.T.T. Technical Institute, Spokane, Washington.

Sayo Morita Kijima

Customer Service Asia Manager & Quality Assurance Manager

Sayo Morita coordinates the Asia Customer Service team, equipping Trace Register to meet the needs of their clients around the globe. Sayo understands cultures from both sides of the Pacific Ocean, as she is based in her home country of Japan, but was raised for several years in Seattle, Washington. The food industry is a heritage, as her father was a fishing boat captain and seafood company manager, instilling in Sayo a passion for exceptional quality food. Along with these high standards for what is on her plate, she brings years of customer service experience and a BA in English from Kanagawa University in Kanagawa, Japan.

About Trace Register

Discover who is behind Trace Register, the leading global food traceability company.