About Trace Register

Founded in 2005, we serve more than 50 countries.

At Trace Register, we know that data isn’t just about numbers, dates or products—it’s about people. Our goal is to put the power of technology to work to help people in their jobs, make companies more successful and ensure customers are happy.

The Trace Register team spans three continents and includes leaders with a depth of industry expertise and knowledge about global perspectives.

Phil Werdal

Founder And CEO

Phil leads the Trace Register team and develops the company’s strategy. He brings 40 years of experience in the seafood industry. Phil co-founded and served as president of Jubilee Fisheries, a fully integrated fishing company that caught and froze bottom fish in Alaska. One of his previous roles included serving as a United States Government fisheries observer on board Japanese surimi-producing vessels in the Bering Sea, and with a Japanese whaling fleet in the Antarctic Ocean. For 20 years he served as the representative agent in Japan for the United States Surimi Commission. Born and raised in Japan, he has a deep understanding of, and respect for, Asia’s social, cultural and business traditions. Phil received a BA in Business Administration from the University of Washington. His diverse background and unique perspective on global seafood supply chains is the inspiration for Trace Register.

Heath England


Heath joined the Trace Register team in 2022 to help expand the company’s industry-leading offerings and oversee Trace Register’s dynamic growth.  A previous key customer of Trace Register, he is familiar with the value the TR5 platform brings.  With over a decade in the international seafood industry and 20 plus years of operations experience, he is well-positioned to lead Trace Register to its next level of delivering customer success.  His background in global operations, data analysis, sales, and information systems help him leverage Trace Register’s industry-leading TR5 traceability solution, which will continue to solve problems the seafood industry wrestles with every day.  In previous roles, he successfully optimized global seafood supply chains, grew top-line sales and implemented systems and processes that drove profitability and organization at his companies.  Heath holds a BA from Oklahoma Baptist University and has served as a board member for the National Fisheries Institute.

Bill Franceschine


Bill has been a dedicated member of Trace Register’s development team since 2007. He leads the development team, plus efforts around strategy formation and development projects. Bill brings more than 25 years of software development experience and has worked on a range of projects that include medical office software management, large retail grocery management, and lumber products software management. He holds an AA in Electrical Engineering, Computer Design and Programming from I.T.T. Technical Institute, Spokane, Washington.

Stephen Pratt


Stephen engages with current and prospective customers to demonstrate how the Trace Register solution proactively reduces risk, prevents problems, transforms workflows, and increases both productivity and margins. He shows the value added to the entire supply chain due to the integration of supply chain data with enhanced traceability analytics. Stephen has cross-cultural work experience and is known for his ability to communicate complex concepts and ideas to diverse audiences simply. Stephen received an Executive MBA from IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, enhancing his global vision with insights into international perspectives, and applying this learning to serve Trace Register customers better. At Trace Register, Stephen has held various roles related to customer support, product development, marketing, and sales. His goal is to ensure customers have the right solution to be successful.

Peter Larkins


Peter has led Trace Register’s global customer service team since 2008. He enjoys working with clients and brings extensive global experience related to fisheries and aquaculture production. His education includes a BS in Marine Biology and Oceanography from University College of North Wales (UCNW), Bangor, United Kingdom; an MS from the University of Stirling, United Kingdom; and an MBA from the Open University, United Kingdom. Peter has worked with wild fisheries in New Zealand, Scotland and the Falkland Islands. He has extensive experience with private and governmental bodies related to warm-water aquaculture production, disease control and selective breeding programs in eight Latin American countries plus the Middle East and Asia.

Sayo Morita Kijima


Sayo coordinates the Trace Register Asia Customer Service team, ensuring clients around the globe receive support. Sayo is based in her home country of Japan, but spent several years in Seattle, Washington. She comes from a tradition of food industry involvement as her father was a fishing boat captain and seafood company manager, instilling in Sayo a passion for exceptional quality food. She brings years of customer service experience and a BA in English from Kanagawa University in Kanagawa, Japan.

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