Live Webinar – SIMP – Are you ready for shrimp?

The Seafood Import Monitoring Program (SIMP) will soon impact shrimp importers and their supply chains with three main requirements:

  1. Collect and store detailed harvest information.
  2. Show full-chain traceability from harvester to importer.
  3. Report using NOAA required terminology.

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Meet SIMP Requirements with Trace Register

Trying to meet SIMP requirements using yesterday's tools is time consuming and error prone. Trace Register (TR) helps you fulfill SIMP requirements by enabling efficient capture, exchange, and use of data through the supply chain.

Combining the full power of full-chain traceability and analytics, TR provides a complete SIMP solution. During our webinar, you will see exactly how TR helps importers meet SIMP requirements and manage their businesses more effectively and profitably.

  • Map your chain of custody from harvest to import.
  • Cut supplier management time by up to 80%.
  • Automatically share required data with your import broker.
  • Always be ready for NOAA and certifier audits.

The Trace Register SIMP solution can help you. Learn more.

Confidently Satisfy SIMP Requirements

Revolutionize your data strategy.