Fresh Produce

The Trace Register™ system is the solution for the entire produce supply chain. It fully supports the needs of the grower, packer/shipper, retailer, and food service provider for easy-to-implement and easy-to-use traceability from source to shelf.

Trace to the field…and track to the shelf Traceability for fresh produce requires knowledge of the original field or orchard.  However, just tracing back to the field alone is not sufficient. You also need to be able to track forward and identify where all products from that field have ended up and the stops they took along the way. The Trace Register™  system delivers complete trace-back and track-forward capability. It makes the capture and access of this level of detail a straightforward activity for every step in the supply chain.

Uniquely identify the product from farm to point of sale Enabling a product to be tracked from the field to the store shelf or restaurant plate requires uniquely identifying that product at every step of the supply chain, through sorting, processing, and packing. Trace Register delivers unique identification without the need to change your numbering and labeling schemes. It works with the way you identify your product and uses the power of technology to carry this identification through the entire supply chain.

Manage the profusion of information Often the challenge in the supply chain is not too little information but rather too much. Product documentation exists in reams but it is difficult to gather if it is in filing cabinets or stored on the computer hard drives of your customers and suppliers. Even when found, critical information is often missing or indecipherable, or terminology is confusing or inconsistent. The Trace Register™ system is designed to take away confusion. It acts as a central, shared, and easily accessible location for all product documentation and ensures that terminology can be linked no matter how often it is changed during a product’s journey through the supply chain.

Fast and focused recall management At the first hint of a problem, the Trace Register™ system will enable you to quickly trace the product upstream to its source. Then you can rapidly track the problem forward through the entire supply chain, ensuring that any recalls are fast and targeted, thereby avoiding the widespread and all encompassing recalls that have been so damaging to the produce industry in the past.