Certifiers and Regulators

Assuring safety, quality and integrity in the supply chain is a responsibility shared between industry, third party certification bodies, and regulators. Although they share this objective, each partner also has its own, specific requirements.  Unique among traceability solutions, the Trace Register™ system not only supports the needs of industry but also of certification bodies and regulators.

Proactive risk assessment Certifiers and regulators are seeking to proactively prevent problems rather than reactively contain them after the event.  The Trace Register™ system has a wealth of traceability information that can be used for trend analysis and risk assessment to ensure that burgeoning problems can be addressed and resolved quickly with minimal damage.

Efficient resource management Trend and risk analysis can be used to focus scarce skills where they can deliver the most value.  In this way, efficiency and productivity can be significantly improved, enabling a “bigger bang for the buck” from available resources.

User management The Trace Register™ system for third party certifiers and regulators offers powerful administration functionality that allows you to manage the certification and approval process. You can control who can use your certification mark or who can claim compliance with regulations and standards.