Trace Register receives 'Outstanding Quality Assurance' award from Whole Foods.

Traceability is more than looking back.  Enhanced traceability looks ahead directing informed business decisions.  Read Phil Werdal's expert column introducing the power of enhanced food traceability.

Trace Register's Andy Furner talks with the Wall Street Journal. He explains how our system creates informed supply chains to reduce risk of seafood fraud.

In our information era, pick up your phone and let your fish do the talking.  This video informs customers about tracing seafood from the Gulf of Mexico to your plate.  Trace Register's Marketing Module helps educate your customers.

New Oceana study finds widespread seafood mislabeling. Restaurateurs say they aren’t doing this on purpose, likening the accuracy of supply chain information to a game of telephone. Trace Register delivers data throughout the supply chain.

The Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission, Trace Register, and MRAG Americas, Inc. have begun a traceability program aimed at ensuring confidence about Gulf of Mexico seafood. Press Release